App Flightcheck™
Excellence is not a destination, it is a journey.
Now your app is live, a new journey begins.

It’s time to analyse your performance and seek to understand how your product can go further.
Our Orbit Methodology.
Your App is in Orbit, now what?

The difficult we do straight away, the impossible takes a little longer. Your app launching is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a new phase.

The App FlightCheck seeks to understand your users and document what your next best steps should be.
Runway Ready Ready Products, with no crash landings.
We understand how confusing it can be to keep track of your app’s performance across both iOS and Android platforms - so we do it for you. We work with Firebase Analytics and Firebase Performance to keep track of your user reach. Moonward will collate this data into a monthly detailed report for your review.

At Moonward, we know that software is a living, breathing thing. App crashes are part of the landscape when dealing with live users. We work with Firebase 'Crashlytics' to identify your most prevalent crashes based on the product impact. Our agile app team can pinpoint the cause and scale up into development.
Excellence is not a destination, it is a journey.
Prepare for Take Off
Your ASCENT may be finished, but our diligence doesn’t end there. Software is an ever-changing landscape, so at Moonward, we believe in the importance of always having a developer monitor the app.

We create a comprehensive checklist tailored for your app that categorises each feature into what we call ‘Epics’. Every month a developer will test the entire app in line with the checklist to ensure that your product is functioning as it should. If there might be any issues, we can diagnose these quickly and make plans to move back into active development.
Product Roadmap
At Moonward, we love big, hairy audacious goals. You might have an end goal in mind but just aren’t sure of the steps it takes to get there - that’s where we come in. We create a product roadmap that outlines what features are to be implemented and when they should be released in a version update.

We review this roadmap in a quarterly brainstorming session which gives us the opportunity to rethink planned features or add new ones.
Monthly Checkin
Once a month we will catch up and go through the finer details of the report.
Let’s find your Moon.
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