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Idea to Prototype

You've got an amazing app idea but don’t have the blueprint to make it happen? Moonward is your wingman, we’ve got everything you need to make your idea a reality.

We’ll transform your idea into a highly refined prototype product that captures the eye of your perfect users, business partner or investor. Our prototype approach is equally business and technology-driven, making sure you have everything you need to go from ideation to genuine business. At every stage of a project, we are working together with our clients to learn, imagine and create.

Get a comprehensive design prototype package that is custom created with the primary focus of brainstorming, evolving and preparing your idea for development.

Our extensive prototype packages are 100% tailored by our software product design and growth experts, not ‘Software Developers’. Everything we do is driven towards helping you refine, build and evolve your concept to form a viable business and investment opportunity.

Get a comprehensive 'Idea to Prototype' package that is designed with the primary focus of bring your idea to life.

Our extensive Investor Ready packages are 100% tailored by software product design and growth experts, not ‘Software Developers’. Everything we do is driven towards helping you refine, build and evolve your concept to form a viable business and investment opportunity.

Week 1: Mission Meeting

To start we throw all our ideas on the table, and discuss our big hairy audacious goal. We tinker with the idea and map out our journey over the next six weeks.

Idea Deep Dive

Concept Mapping

Feature Refinement

Business Future

Product Road Mapping

Week 2: Understand and Blueprint

Here we take the technical and make it visual. to discover how our app will function through user flows and wireframes. Our trailblazing process allows us to understand how users will interact with our product, creating a blueprint for the prototype.

Trailblaze Deep Dive

User Persona Development

User Interaction Development

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Week 3: Appified Brand

An idea with an instant impression sets your vision up for success. Our branding phase takes your goals, identity, and name from concept to canvas. We create a full branding package that is tailored to the digital environment it will be showcased in.

Branding Deep Dive

Adaptable Logo

Colour System

Typography System

Imagery Kit

Illustrations & Assets*

Comprehensive Style Guide

Zipped Brand Package

Brand Showcase

Branded Mockups

*Each brand is unique. Your brand may or may not need illustrations and assets.

Week 4 & 5: Fully Functional App Designs

This high-fidelity prototype is the catalyst in conveying your big hairy ideas in real time to potential investors. Each screen is meticulously designed with the intention to demonstrate each user case.

Initial App Design Concepts

Initial Concept Showcase

Application Component Development

Market Analysis of Existing Applications

Application Mockups

Full Application Designs

All User Cases Designed

Adobe XD Interactive Prototype

Shareable Prototype Link

Full Prototype Walkthrough

Week 6: Pitch Deck

Need investors before you start ASCENT? Pitch decks succinctly showcase essential information relating to your product.

Identify Gap in Market

Propose App Solution

Feature Breakdown

Market Analysis

PDF Pitch Presentation

Wrap Up

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Our Work


Who are we to make this promise?

In truth, what we offer inside of the investor ready is what we’ve delivered to our clients for the past 3 years, we just hadn’t got around to giving it a name. To date, we’ve successfully launched over 100 Apps onto the App Stores. We’ve had clients raise in excess of a few million dollars through investors, crowdfunding and series funding.

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