it's not Rocket Science
Well, maybe it is. Finding your lane as a business isn’t as simple as you might think. For Moonward it was a journey. An ambitious, design-led journey.
It all began with one app in a small town in New Zealand. That one app gained some traction, but it did something more important. It introduced us to a lot of businesses that wanted their own apps. We had the skills, and the market had the demand. We became the app guys.

Ambitious, energetic, collaborative, over-delivering, app guys. Our clients started saying, “Thanks for taking me to the moon!” And we loved it. We were launching businesses into a digital world, and we found we needed a bigger launch pad.

Hello Brisbane.
mission control™️
Moonward is powered by a multicultural team of varying beliefs, orientations and cultures in Brisbane, Australia.
UI/UX Product Designer
Product Owner
Tech Lead
Full Stack Engineer
Full Stack Engineer
Full Stack Engineer
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Frontend Engineer
UI/UX Product Designer
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Marketing Specialist
We want every client to go on a journey of discovery with us. Finding new and better ways to realise their dreams and goals, and creating new ones along the way.

We want them to look back on their project and say what one of our first customers said, “Thanks for taking me to the moon.” 
we speak your language.
You can progress a project up to 30% faster with an integrated Australian Design and Development team. There’s a shared culture, vision, work ethic, quality benchmark, and a sense of fun.
Olympia Body Transformations
I've really loved working with Moonward for the past few years, including building what is now our third app with them! I'm someone who is very much an "in-person" person - as in I like to be able to meet with people face to face over video calls etc and that's why I love working with Moonward because they're based in Brisbane CBD. I'm able to go and physically meet with the people who are building my app. This for me is an absolute must because I can feel confident things aren't missed in translation.

in-person also appreciates that the team of developers aren't offshore which makes me feel that there is a greater ability for the owners to have quality control. Very much happy to be working with Moonward and look forward to a long relationship together!
Greg & Cleo Evangelou
Business Owner's
Moonward Apps are a pleasure to work with.They have displayed skills in all areas of the tech field; going above and beyond app development. They provide services in branding, website development, graphic design and vector tracing. They are quick to respond, professional and always have the customers best interest at hand.

Working from opposite ends of Australia’s coasts proved no barrier for Moonward with frequent updates and regular meetings via video call. They provided a concise proposal; clearly outlining each task, team members involved and accurate delivery times. Moonward were understanding of changes I felt were necessary late in the development and testing phases of the project and acted promptly in amending any concerns.

Every team member I worked with at Moonward displayed a unique skill set that complement one another. A special mention goes to Pia, Andrew and Hamish who have been involved in this project from the beginning and all played key rolls in developing my app and website.
Tobie Mercer
Business Owner
So where do I start I'm in the early stages of app development and have no experience within the industry. having only an idea and no knowledge on where to start they helped me put everything out on paper I was seeing my overloaded thoughts finally I front of my eye.

With missing pieces all connected they challenged my mind and helped me unleash things I thought were impossible. my first meeting with the moonward team was two weeks ago and can't wait to see where our journey takes us.
Frank Harris
Business Co-Owner
I've been working with the Moonward team for close to a year on a long-term project. It was my first time seeking help with any sort of in-depth technical project and they have made the process so easy from initial ideas through to delivery of the final product and after-care.

They are talented and very transparent with costs. Couldn't be happier!
Dylan Hans
Business Owner
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