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Discover how our Design-Led creations went from canvas to code.
building products that take our partners to their moon.
We believe that design thinking drives great development. While our coding skills create great apps, it is in combination with thoughtful and intelligent design that we create amazing results.
User-Focused Design Practices.
From designing user-focused development processes, creating appified brands, to top-level UX and UI design. Our coders think like designers and our designers empower results. Everything in our approach is design-led.
Certified & Experienced.
Naturally, we are certified developers for the web, iOS and Android. We are also versed in API development, Front End and Back End Development, database management, QA and UA testing.
We want every partner to go on a journey of discovery with us.

Your product needs to evolve and adapt prior to fingers hitting keyboards and code being written.
Preventing cyberbullying among the younger generation
Maggie first approached Moonward for the ‘Idea to Prototype’ service, where she was able to create a comprehensive blueprint of features in order to go to investors and seek funding.
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The Ultimate Transformation Challenge in Australia!
Moonward developed an ecosystem for M Challenge to manage their business.
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Don’t risk it, checkit. Easy, hassle-free used car pre-purchase report.
Checkit approached us to help them create an app that provides its users with a used car pre-purchase report.
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A world-class app for a Gym that continuously raises the bar.
Olympia is driven to provide the easiest and most enjoyable gym experience for its clients, with a particular focus on introducing new practices that raise the bar and challenge the industry overall.
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Working out is better with friends
Steppen is a free social fitness app designed to help young people achieve their fitness goals. With thousands of workouts created by the Steppen community, you will find exactly what you’re looking for no matter the goal! The idea came about when Cara was working out with her friend in the gym, and she wanted to capture her workout so she could do it on her own later. Realising there was no platform available to do this.
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