It's not rocket science

Well, maybe it is. Finding your lane as a business isn’t as simple as you might think. For Moonward it was a journey. An ambitious, design-led journey.

It all began with one app in a small town in New Zealand. That one app gained some traction, but it did something more important. It introduced us to a lot of businesses who wanted their own apps. We had the skills, and the market had the demand. We became the app guys.

Ambitious, energetic, collaborative, over-delivering, app guys. Our clients started saying, “Thanks for taking me to the moon!” And we loved it. We were launching businesses into a digital world, and we found we needed a bigger launch pad.

Hello Brisbane.

Our North Star

Ambitious Design-Led Journeys

We love big hairy audacious goals. Projects that push the limits with new thinking, bold ambitions and next-level opportunities. Each project is a design-led journey, working closely with our clients to achieve the impossible.

Ground Control™

Moonward is powered by a multicultural team of varying beliefs, orientations and cultures in Brisbane, Australia.






UI/UX Product Designer


UI/UX Product Designer


Project Coordinator


Product Owner


Full Stack Engineer


Full Stack Engineer


Full Stack Engineer


Backend Engineer


Full Stack Engineer


Full Stack Engineer


Junior Engineer

Our Epiphany

With meteoric growth, we added websites, branding, marketing, digital to meet the increased needs of our clients. But we realised that losing focus just got in the way of doing what we truly loved: Collaborating with clients to create truly ambitious and amazing apps.

Mission Control™

Today we focus on apps. But our process is engineered to deliver digital readiness in many areas for our clients. Do you have a big hairy audacious app goal?

Let's find your moon