January 11, 2022

Our North Star - The Investor Ready Package

Like many business owners, Pia and I were recently doing our annual planning leading in to 2022. As part of this, we started to review the businesses growth throughout 2021 and how this synced up with our business vision.

Since its inception, our business has grown rapidly, and what we have always tried to control is the direction it grows in. As they say, it doesn’t really matter how fast you’re going if you are heading in the wrong direction. Luckily this wasn’t us...

Pia and I started the business in our early twenties with a clear vision in mind - To change the way start-up businesses interact with software companies. Having started Moonward as a single app the ‘Konnect App’. We quickly realised that typical software companies are confusing, egotistical and often condescending to those with new bright ideas.

We’d realised that as a business we had never really offered a service which addressed our vision at its core. And by core I mean the people who are starting off on the very first rung of the ladder... The founders, visionaries and pioneers.

We asked ourselves: “If someone came to us with an amazing idea and were dedicated to being the next big thing, but they didn’t have the financial backing to launch, what would we do?”

And the truth was, we didn’t really have a clear answer.

About two days into our trip, and after another mojito, we had a breakthrough....How about we take all of the knowledge we’ve gained over the past 3 years and give this person EVERYTHING they need to find, pitch and acquire an investor for their idea?

And just like that the Moonward ‘Investor Ready’ package was born (Our initial reaction was; “No fucking way, that’s way too valuable”. But we did it anyway 🤣 🤣).

In truth, what we offer inside of the investor ready is what we’ve delivered to our clients for the past 3 years, we just hadn’t got around to giving it a name. To date, we've successfully launched over 100 Apps onto the App Stores. We've had clients raise in excess of a few million dollars through investors, crowdfunding and series funding. It didn’t really make sense that we were keeping all of this information to ourselves! In fact, one of our recent clients Steppen Fit received over $500,000 within a few weeks of launching their first app version with Moonward.

As of 2022, we have officially created the Moonward ‘Investor Ready’ Package. A service offering we believe will offer Australia’s brightest tech founders the resources they need to kick start their start-ups - because let's face it, everyone wants to be the next Uber, Spotify, Netflix & TikTok.

You can click here to view a snapshot of what we’ve included.

But you’re probably thinking, how can you possibly give me everything I need to seek an investor? Well, it’s something that we’ve learned over many years of trial, error and exposure to the best and brightest in the business.

If you want to bounce some ideas around, drop us a message. Or alternatively, if you want to find out more information about investors, read our free eBook

Moonward Investor Ready

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