September 7, 2022

Why Moonward is an in-house software development team

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In a world where everyone seems to be going remote, you’re probably wondering why we’ve decided to keep our team in-house. You’ve most likely also heard that taking your software development offshore is a cheaper alternative to leveraging a 100% in-house Australian team. And let’s be honest, it probably is.

In this article, I’m going to outline why we have decided to stick to our guns and opted to build everything from our office here in Brisbane.

App development isn’t about an idea, a product or a particular software product, in our eyes it’s all about humans.

Here at Moonward, we often use the term "human development" because everything we develop requires a human touch and human interaction. Even the most technical products we build, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) require a person to program the rules and build the foundations.

When we look at technology in this way, we are able to focus on a few key areas that will enable you to get more out of your development team and subsequently put more into your product.

The Moonward team at the Brisbane Lions at The Gabba in Brisbane.
The Moonward team at the Brisbane Lions game at The Gabba, Brisbane.

1. Human collaboration in software development:

If you’re going to a company like Moonward to help you develop your own mobile app, you’ve probably got a really good idea for what you want to develop or a really good understanding of the industry you want to distribute your product into. And you are probably looking for a team who has a really good understanding of how to efficiently build and effectively launch a software product. Doesn’t it make sense that we team up and collaborate on our knowledge to make your idea even better? Well that’s the approach we adopted and we call it; Ambitious, Design-led Journeys.

With all of our development projects, our clients have direct access to our dedicated in-house design, development and product management teams. All of these are geared to become the "tech extension" of your business like Tony Stark's Iron Man suit. Our team has the experience of developing and launching over 100 apps onto the App Store - knowledge which is extremely helpful for all of our clients.

But if we take our clients out of the equation for a moment, we’ve also decided to build our team in-house for another reason. We’ve created and nurtured a culture that is unlike any other we’ve ever seen or felt. Something special happens when you mix a shared vision, work ethic, quality benchmark, and a sense of fun.

Moonward at Fox in a Box on Edward Street in the Brisbane CBD
Moonward at Fox in a Box on Edward Street, Brisbane CBD.

2. Human Understanding in software development:

We’re not going to sugarcoat it, app development is actually really hard. It’s not only complex but time-consuming. With this all being said, our job is to focus on the complex tech stuff whilst our clients focus on their business strengths.

On average, the minimum amount of time we would spend developing a software product is 6 months but the majority of our clients stay with us for 2+ years! We believe that software products require a team of dedicated team players who have an extremely deep understanding of the problem and technical solution.

Everything we do is human-driven; human-driven development, human-driven design, and human-driven collaboration.

We are "Human Development".

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