January 15, 2022

Client Spotlight: Steppen Fit

Tiktok + Spotify = Steppen, The Social Platform for Workouts!

The idea came about when Cara was working out with her friend in the gym, and she wanted to capture her workout so she could do it on her own later. Realising there was no platform available to do this, Steppen was born!

Steppen approached us to help them create a social media platform, targeted at sharing and following workout videos.

Follow friends, fitness influencers and athletes and see how they are training and train like them. Steppen allows you to easily complete workouts with video breakdowns of each exercise.

Steppen App

Brand Evolution

Steppen came to us with a few brand concepts, but the old logo lacked a distinctive, signature look that was current with today's trends. So we decided to give the existing concepts a face lift.

The Steppen brand encapsulates the 3 main values of what Steppen as a platform stands for; joy, impact, and community. It’s important our new icon holds these values and represents them. The thick bold construction of the icon represents the ‘impact’ of Steppen, the little man shape of the icon as a whole represents the Steppen community and how we are a platform to help and learn from as a community. The upward jumping motion in the icon represents the ‘Joy’ value.

Steppen Brand

Steppen Inspiration

When we started our journey with Steppen, they were very clear that they were looking to get a high volume of users on the app, fast. This meant that we had to design our database to accommodate for rapid scalability.

Steppen features video content, social media interactions including likes and comments and account management.

We implemented ongoing testing as we developed Steppen, pushing updates regularly so we could monitor progress as we went along.

Our development team had a few challenges to overcome during this project, most notably was the video API recalling images and burning up our video call limit. We decided to separate and diverge the video calls from the image calls. Instead placing the images into AWS, this was a much cheaper outcome for the client and made the app faster!

Launching & Scaling

Steppen is now live on the app store for you to download! Steppen had a strong launch on the app store gaining thousands of followers within the first month of operation and attracting athletes and influencers alike to the platform.

Moonward transitioned Steppen to their own internal developer within the first few weeks of being live on the app store(s). We provided training in both the frontend and backend to Steppens internal developer, to provide a smooth transition. More recently Steppen raised over $500k in investment to enable them to go to the next level of their app journey. To date they have over 70,000 users!

The design, development and launch of Steppen was super enjoyable for the team at Moonward! We implemented a lot of new technologies to deliver this product.

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