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The idea came about when Cara was working out with her friend in the gym, and she wanted to capture her workout so she could do it on her own later. Realising there was no platform available to do this, Steppen was born!

Steppen approached us to help them create a social media platform, targeted at sharing and following workout videos.

Their Problem

When we started our journey with Steppen, they were very clear that they were looking to get a high volume of users on the app, fast. This meant that we had to design our database to accommodate rapid scalability.

Steppen features video content, social media interactions including likes and comments and account management.

Our Solution

Our development team had a few challenges to overcome during this project, most notably was the video API recalling images and burning up our video call limit.

We decided to separate and diverge the video calls from the image calls. Instead of placing the images into AWS, this was a much cheaper outcome for the client and made the app faster!

Steppen is a free fitness creator marketplace. It is designed to help fitness creators build, showcase and monetise their online community, whilst helping fans achieve their fitness goals!
Melbourne, Australia
Fitness, Health & Well Being
$1m, out of $950k was post our partnership
Our Services
Product Scope Development, Brand Package, User Application Mapping, Full Application Designs, Full Stack Development, CMS Build & Integration
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Reel Style Videos
Reels make it super easy for users to access content, we developed this feature to be quick to load and loop videos.
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Workout Creation
Using Steppen, users are able to stack content together to create a workout. They can then share this with their friends or store it on their profile.
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If users are at the gym or in the middle of a workout, they need to be able to access content quickly. The comprehensive filtering system means users can find what they are looking for with a click.
Cara Davies
Steppen Co-founder

“Thanks for taking me to the moon" 🚀🌕

The Outcome

Steppen is now live on the app store for you to download! Steppen had a strong launch on the app store gaining thousands of followers within the first month of operation and attracting athletes and influencers alike to the platform. 

Moonward transitioned Steppen to its own internal developer within the first few weeks of being live on the Apple App Store. We provided training in both the frontend and backend to Steppen's internal developer, to provide a smooth transition. 

The design, development and launch of Steppen was super enjoyable for the team at Moonward! We implemented a lot of new technologies to deliver this product. 

Cara, Jake and the team at Steppen's hard work, determination and vision have been instrumental in finding investors. 

In 2021, Steppen partnered with Afterpay founder, Anthony Eisen. You can read more about that here!

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