September 4, 2023

Press Release: Moonward acquires App Boxer.

BRISBANE, AU / September 4, 2023 / Moonward today announces the acquisition of recently liquidated Sydney-based App Design and Development agency, App Boxer. The acquisition will allow Moonward to bolster its market presence in New South Wales and Australia.

Moonward was established in 2018 and has already designed, developed and deployed over 100+ Apps and software ecosystems to the App Stores and the web, ranging from seed-funded start ups to nationwide enterprises. Moonward employs a 100% in-house strategy to ensure a high quality of both product and delivery, as well as a shared benchmark and culture amongst its Australian team.

Moonward’s vision has always been centred around success on a greater scale, about achieving something formerly thought unachievable, about defining goals and then reaching beyond them, and then journeying again towards outcomes beyond initial expectations. For a long time, acquiring another App Development Agency has been a goal of Moonward’s and this outcome is one that Moonward as a company truly believes in. Moonward chooses ambitious and challenging goals and is excited to take their clients and their team on a journey that exceeds expectations.

In the coming days, Moonward will reach out to existing clients of App Boxer who have been left without active design or development following the sudden liquidation of the company. Moonward will offer assistance to those effected so they can get back on track with development through this extremely challenging time. If you or your business has been affected, you can reach out directly to andrew@moonward.com.au

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