March 21, 2022

Push your app live and learn

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When building a software product, there is always a consistent chain of goals in mind for everyone:  go live, get users and generate revenue.

Despite this fact, it's fascinating how often we see people become overwhelmed by the concept of launching their product. At Moonward, we're all about taking our clients on Ambition Design-led journeys (Not destinations). And we do this by; getting a product live and then reviewing the data, through feedback, analytics, metrics, reports and constant iteration.

So how do you shift your mentality and feel comfortable going live?

Here are our three steps:

Software is Iterative

One of the things that people forget is that software is an iterative process. This means that you will never really be done... There is no end.

There's always something that can be improved or added. The sooner you accept and understand this, the easier it'll be to go live. Your product isn't perfect and there's always room for improvement.

The amazing thing about software is that we can get instant feedback. We can see exactly how users are interacting with the product and exactly where things might not be 100% optimised. We're then able to leverage this information, make improvements and go through the same process over and over again!

And hey, we can even go out and talk to users. That's exactly what the founders of Deliveroo did and they even do it to this day! Will Shu, the CEO, makes a point to still deliver food himself every once in a while to get first-hand feedback from customers.

We're all about taking real information/data and using it to improve your product.

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day, Neither is Software

This one is a little more self-explanatory. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is your software. It takes time and effort to build something great and the same goes for your product. Like I mentioned above, you can't expect to launch a flawless product.

This might help you understand this a little more:


• Founded: In 1997 as a physical VHS & DVD delivery service

• Rejected: In 2002 Blockbuster reject an offer to acquire Netflix for $50 Million

• Today: Revenue in excess of $30 Billion with their digital platform


• Founded: In 2007 and the first version of the App completely flops

• Try Again: In 2013 the founders rebuild the app and work as delivery drivers.

• Today: Value in excess of $10 Billion


• Founded: In 2005 they launched a Website to friends and family

• Try Again: In 2009 they launched their first iOS App

• Today: In 2015 Acquired by UnderArmour for $475 Million

Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

This is probably the most important step and it's something that a lot of people forget. Everyone has to start somewhere and everyone is on their own journey. Starting small and working your way up is a great way to learn about your product, understand your users and get a real understanding of how your product fits into the marketplace. Jump in feet first and embrace the software development journey. There is never going to be a perfect trajectory to success but that's what makes this space so exciting! It's the classic saying of "how would you eat an elephant". The answer? One bite at a time.

Software is iterative, learn from feedback and go live. Don't be afraid to launch something that isn't perfect because it's always going to be a work in progress.  Just remember to take it one step at a time and to always accept feedback. Thanks for reading!

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