February 15, 2023

The benefits of iterating your app websites design

Here at Moonward, we don’t just specialise in mobile apps and web apps, we focus on the entire digital ecosystem for our clients. This also means your sales website. 

For a lot of businesses, your website is the first point of contact your clients will have with you. Whether they have been pushed in your direction from Pay Per Click (PPC) or they have seen your billboard and want to learn more about you. 

Just like a software product, your website should be ever-evolving. Not just from a visual perspective, because hey, trends change and you change as your business grows – but from an analytical perspective. You need to be evolving your website by understanding what pages are getting the most traction, and if your wording is really resonating with your audience or if it's driving them away. 

What is a sales website for an app?

A website is a sales and marketing tool. It pairs with your software product to provide context and gives users an understanding of what your app does. 

We like to see it as a digital salesperson. 

Why you need a website for your app

If you have an app or are in the process of building an app, you will need a website in order to meet the Apple and Google Play Stores' legal compliance. This is because when you are submitting your app, you will need to provide unique Terms and Conditions, and a Privacy Policy through a domain. This domain will be embedded directly into your Store Listing for any users to read. 

But you don’t just have to have a website in order to dump documentation and meet your legal requirements. 

Let’s be real, in 2023, your website is a reflection of professionalism in terms of your digital suite. As a business, a website is a sign that you exist. And when marketed correctly, your website can drive user downloads and generate new users for your product. 

Why you need to iterate on your website

Just like any software product, websites need to be monitored to measure their performance. There are a bunch of tools you can use in order to understand your website better, including Google Analytics.

At Moonward, our website is experiencing ongoing iterations. This means we can fine tune things in time, instead of making sure everything is perfect from day one. At Moonward we like to use a few things to measure our performance. Enquiries through either submitting forms or booking in strategy calls are key leading indicators of the websites overall health. Bounce rate, time on the website and most frequently visited pages are lagging indicators that also need to be considered. We are always trying to improve, always trying to chase the perfect blend of user experience and user interface.

When you are iterating your website it is important to be tactical. Trial out any changes and see what works. You will find that you need time to get concrete data. If you iterate too quickly and too much you will lose understanding of what is really impacting your website performance positively or negatively. At Moonward, we rework one page every single week to keep our design consistent and keep our fingers on the pulse. 

If you want to learn more about Moonward's web apps or website capabilities book a FREE 30 minute strategy call with us. 

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