September 14, 2022

Why Moonward has started live streaming our code

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At Moonward, we have started livestreaming a developer from our team writing code every Friday at 2:30 pm AEST. If you are interested in watching this, please follow us on our Twitch.

Since we started streaming a few weeks ago, I have had the recurring question pop up time and time again, "So, why are you live streaming your code?"

I wanted to put together this article to explain our two main reasons for joining the Twitch community. Which are: 

- Challenging the app development industry and differentiating ourselves; and

- Keeping an open kitchen for our clients to see

Throughout this article, I will explain each point in more detail.

Please note, that we only live stream the development of our own products or clients' products that we have sought approval to develop in a live environment. 

Challenge the app development industry

Meeting expectations is good, but boring. Exceeding expectations, now that is exciting.

As a company, we are making a conscious effort to be abnormal. Doing the same as everyone else thing time and time again will produce the same results. It takes a lot of courage to embrace the unknown and take risks.

Our team is 100% in-house which is unusual in itself. So many software companies make the decision to go offshore for a multitude of reasons. While that is a good choice for some companies, here at Moonward we want to control what we can and we do that by investing in our team.

The benefit of Moonward being 100% in-house means we can be agile, like a speed boat, cutting quickly through the water. We can adopt new technology fast, resolve challenges together and share a common benchmark. Having a bloated offshore team can be likened to a cruise ship; it takes 45 minutes to do a U-turn.

Livestreaming our development process means we can put our business model on display and showcase the value of having an in-house team.

Keep an open kitchen

At Moonward, we like to use an analogy of an open kitchen when it comes to our code. If you’ve ever been to a high-end restaurant, you will notice that the open kitchen is a big part of the dining experience. It gives diners transparency over the freshness of the ingredients and the cleanliness of the kitchen. 

Seeing is trusting. 

The same goes for code. 

It’s not our client's job to be experts in their own code. But it is our responsibility to keep the kitchen open and show them what it is they are paying for. 

The majority of the development industry likes to keep their cards close to their chest, and often their clients will have an entire product built without seeing the code at all. Imagine if that happened in another industry, like construction.

At Moonward, we have weekly meetings with our clients, and during the development phase, we will often bring up the code and do a walkthrough. 

As a company, we want to do this. Our team is proud of our design and development. The systems and processes we have in place here at Moonward allow our developers to be fluent in the coding languages we use, resulting in a company-wide understanding. What we mean by this is that whatever project our developers work on, there will be no inconsistentices in the code. 

We are focussed on the continuous growth and education of our team. So why not be transparent with our output? 

For us, livestreaming is the perfect opportunity to keep our kitchen open and showcase our teams' skills. 

If you want to tune in and enjoy some coding content, please give us a follow on our Twitch and Instagram.

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