December 20, 2021

Why we changed our brand completely

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Three years ago, Konnect Apps moved to Brisbane. Previously Konnect Application (singular), our business had taken quite a few unexpected turns in the road. First, a single app advertising local New Zealand businesses, then an app developer helping small businesses find their way onto the app store. 


When we moved to Brisbane, our landscape changed again. We stopped working with SMEs and began working with Start ups and Enterprise clients who were looking to go digital. 


Naturally, the more creative the idea we started to attract, the more creative people we needed in the business to fuel it. 


And so started three years of rapid growth. 


Expeditious, exhilarating, humbling growth. 


And with each addition, client or team, we began to realise how far away we were from the brand that we started when we were in our early twenties. We realised how much we had grown up. 


And worst of all, no one was invested in that brand. It was just kind of there. 


We were creating brands for clients and educating them on their importance, but we were not living our own beliefs. 


We needed to create an image of who we are today and where we want to go. 


And where do we want to go? 


Well, we want every client to go on a journey of discovery with us. To find new and better ways to realise their dreams and goals, as well as create new ones along the way. 


We want them to look back on their project and say what one of our first customers said, “Thanks for taking me To The Moon.”


Because true ambition is not just about personal success. It is about success on a greater scale. It is about achieving something formerly thought unachieveable. About defining goals and then reaching beyond them.


Looking forward to an outcome we truly believe in. Then reaching toward it, and then journeying beyond it again to outcomes beyond our initial expectations. 


Because when we do this, we choose ambitious, audacious and challenging goals. Taking our clients and team on a journey that exceeds expectations - we are doing more than simply moving forward. 


We are going, Moonward.


Moonward, a brand that captures who we are now as a team, the clients we work with and the journeys we all go on together. 


The rebranding process with Untold has been an absolute dream. If you are looking for a memorable duo to take you apart and put you back together, Andrew and I would recommend Steve and Paul from Untold wholeheartedly. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering a product that you are not only happy with, but in love with is unique. 

Moonward Brisbane

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