Don’t risk it, checkit. Easy, hassle-free used car pre-purchase report.
Our Partner

We are lucky to be working with one of the most notable databases in the history of the Australian Government, the PPSR. Checkit is an app that makes accessing the used vehicle register quick and convenient for its users.

Their Problem

Checkit approached us to help them create an app that provides its users with a used car pre-purchase report. In Australia, the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is the official Government register. It acts as a national public notice board for security interests of personal property including cars, goods or company assets.

Our Solution

With Checkit you can snap a picture to find out if the car you are interested in purchasing has been stolen, is under finance or has been written off. Checkit makes getting pre-purchased car reports simple, fast and easy by just scanning the plate or inputting the VIN information. Users can complete a vehicle check in seconds and find out if the car they are interested in is a good buy.

Checkit gives users the ability to check automotive registrations via the PPSR in a simple and ultra fast convenient way.
Sunshine Coast, Australia
Self Funded Product
Our Services
Project Scope and Roadmapping, Brand Package, User Interface, User Experience, App Fullstack Development, Launch
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License plate scanner
Moonward developed a license plate scanner that allows users to quickly scan a used car's license plate and produce a report.
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Government integration
Moonward was able to integrate with the Australian Government through the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) to learn information on user cars.
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Report breakdown
Checkit feeds information from the PPSR to its users in an easy-to-consume format. Pay through Checkit in seconds. Users are able to pay through their credit card or Paypal.
Business Owner
The Outcome

The design, development and launch of Checkit was a great challenge for the team at Moonward. Moonward continues to work with Checkit to develop new features through our ORBIT and App Flightcheck processes.

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