A world-class app for a Gym that continuously raises the bar.
Our Partner

We are lucky enough to be working with the best gym in Brisbane, possibly even Australia. They have used the full power of Moonward within their business. We have seen them go from a new app, to a new world-class premise, to multiple apps, to brand assets and now a new website.

Their Problem

Olympia is driven to provide the easiest and most enjoyable gym experience for its clients, with a particular focus on introducing new practices that raise the bar and challenge the industry overall. Olympia wanted to take their gym paper-free as well as deliver a world-class experience to their clients.

Our Solution

Moonward designed and developed an entire ecosystem to complement the Olympia experience. From the moment the client checks into Olympia, to the training they do on the gym floor, to the InBody composition scan results and the food that they eat. We created a complete digital suite of products to transform bodies.

Olympia is a gym based int he heart of the Brisbane CBD district.The app allows clients and trainers to connect and enhance their transformations.
Brisbane, Australia
Health & Fitness
Self Funded
Our Services
Project Scope and Roadmapping, User Interface, User Experience, Sales Website Design and Development, Client App Fullstack Development, Trainer App Fullstack Development, Checkin System Fullstack Development, iPad Sign Up Fullstack App Development, Admin Panel Fullstack Development, Launch
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Integrations galore
Olympia integrates with InBodyScan, Apple and Google Health and GymVue to pull through all relevant client data
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Training programs
At Olympia, Personal Trainers and users can create their own training programs which can be kept private or shared with the wider Olympia community
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Greg and Cleo Evangelou

I've really loved working with Moonward for the past few years, including building what is now our third app with them! I'm someone who is very much an "in person" person - as in I like to be able to meet with people face to face over video calls etc and that's why I love working with Moonward because they're based in Brisbane CBD and I'm able to go and physically meet with the people who are building my app.

This for me is an absolute must because I can feel confident things aren't missed in translation. I also appreciate that the team of developers aren't offshore which makes me feel that there is a greater ability for the owners to have quality control. Very much happy to be working with Moonward and look forward to a long relationship together!

The Outcome

Moonward is proud to continuing work with Olympia on an ongoing basis.

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