May 25, 2023

Realigning the team purpose and vision

Moonward has just celebrated our 5-year birthday. Part of our celebrations was gifting our team a new set of values. Because recently at Moonward, we have been putting a lot of our focus into our team's purpose — the why are we here, and the why are we doing this?

Fortunately, the team is super clear and united on our goal for the next few years. But anyone who has achieved any ambitious goal knows that the process of reaching the ultimate outcome, comes through a series of conscious actions and decisions made every single day by the team.

Only through discussions with other business owners and admittedly watching the new Nike movie, Air, were we able to renew how important company values are to both our team members and our clients.

The team at Moonward decided to come together and vote on a series of words that we all value and want to display in our work. With a bit of Moonwardification, we thought we would share the Moonward Values with you now.

1. We fly together - we get there together or not at all

2. There are levels to this shit - raise our skills, don’t lower the climb

3. There is no rule book to creativity, it’s ours to write

4. Who will play you in the Moonward movie?

5. Agree or disagree and commit

6. We learn the way on the way

Moonward Values
Moonward Values

If you have any questions about any of these values or want some further explanation on this, please us know by dropping us a message on Linkedin.

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